New ties and cooperation among Russia, China, and Pakistan

New ties and cooperation among Russia, China, and Pakistan

A new development in the world of power has occurred among three countries named Russia, China, and Pakistan. Foreign Minister of Pakistan, Shah Mehmood Qureshi recently has visited the Russian Federation in which the plan was discussed to hold war exercises and several other matters including the balance of power and formation of a new bloc among Pakistan, Russia, and China. Qureshi also visited China at the end of August. His China visit also tells the story of a new formation of allies. Pakistan has a bad history with Russia because of Cold War alignment with the US.

China has played a major role in forming this new unit which is a harbinger call to the USA and India.

Those three countries are planning to hold War exercises. The news is also taking place that Turkey and Iran are joining this New Cooperation. This unity would threaten the countries like USA and India because according to them a new block holding nuclear weapons and human resources has taken place. Russian is further emerging as a state which is claiming new stakes not only in central Asia but also in South Asia which is subject to detritions especially countries like Iran and Afghanistan. ┬áRecently, Pakistan has played well in the region as forming new ties with Russia which is an economic hub in Asia and northern Europe providing fuel and gas to countries. Russia also holds the world’s largest area and the biggest gas resources. Russia supplies weapons and ammunitions to war threaten countries like India and Iran. According to sizeable journalists and analysts.

Now, the world is realizing the basic human rights of the oppressed.

India would feel under pressure especially if any meeting takes place of these heads of states. It would increase pressure on India to resolve the Kashmir issue. India is already on the back foot after an adventure against Pakistan which reversed in action, instead of taking advantage against its neighboring country, India suffered a huge loss in term of shame and disgrace with daylight humiliation of its so-called air force. These new ties among three or possibly five countries would make India think to solve the dire issues which need special attention after seven decades of chaos and man hunting in Jammu and Kashmir.

According to the Chinese Defense Minister, those war preparation exercises will be held in Southern Russian in which Pakistan is also a party. In these exercises, Belarus, Armenia, Iran, and Myanmar would also cooperate. These exercises would take place between 21 September to 26 September in which warfare is the main area through command and control system is the main concern.

According to Russian defense analyst Mishail Boris who gave his views on Twitter, rightly claims that India is getting weaker and weaker against its conventional enemy Pakistan because of this new cooperation among Pakistan, Russia, and China along with Iran and Turkey in the pipeline. He also points out that India is getting isolated instead of getting Pakistan isolated because china would not afford to overlook its interests in Pakistan because of the dream project of CPEC, China would protect Pakistan as well as its investments in Pakistan.

Observer Research Foundation (ORF) is an Indian think tank which vehemently observed this new bloc and called it a new threat to Indian sovereignty because instead of sanctions imposed by the United States on Russia, it still went towards China and Pakistan and that would upset the balance of power among dozens of countries each protecting its interests.

A new Hope of Pakistan regarding the economy.

Pakistan is humiliated by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by demanding billions of dollars which KSA led to Pakistan in the hour of need but at the same time, KSA also made a huge investment in India and never spoke a word on the Kashmir issue except calling it an internal issue between India and Pakistan. In doing so, KSA has come close to India and the US to protect its interests of the economy especially after Covid19 and in response.

Pakistan is getting closer to China and Russia or even Iran to upset the balance of power KSA created India and the US. Pakistan is a country suffering from economic chaos and societal change would find its refuge under the umbrella of two greater powers of the world named China and Russia and in doing so and keeping upwardly good ties with the USA.

Pakistan would increase pressure on India to speak on outstanding issues or be ready to suffer a great economic loss which India cannot afford.

But one cannot ignore or forget the sane voices emerging from India like Harsha Kakar who narrated in an interview reminding the Indian Government of possibly a great danger is an uprising in the form of this new cooperation among Pakistan, China, and Russia because Shi Jin Ping and Vladimir Putin are the powerful rulers of their countries and they would try to combat NATO Bloc to increase their influence in Europe and in result, their aim is to disfunction NATO while creating a new block with countries like Pakistan, Iran, and Turkey.

Harsha also stood firm in claiming that these new ties would strengthen none other than Pakistan because China would give a big Say to Pakistan in Economic matters because of the CPEC.

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